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McLeod Veterinary Hospital's newly renovated reception area

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Notice: We have recently extended our Monday to Friday hours until 9:30pm and are now open Sundays!


to McLeod Veterinary Hospital. McLeod Veterinary Hospital was established in 1982, in Winnipeg Manitoba, by Dr. Bob Newfield. Since that time, our facility has been continually evolving to provide you with the most up to date equipment and techniques. As our patients cannot speak for themselves, client/doctor communication is essential. The purpose of this website is to enable our clients to familiarize themselves with our services and policies. Our mission at McLeod Veterinary Hospital is to provide the best possible health care in a professional and compassionate manner.

Fear Free

Visits to the veterinarian are often stressful for pets and their caregivers. At McLeod Veterinary Hospital, we have been working hard to reduce the stress put on our patients and during their visits. Members of our veterinary team have recently completed a Fear Free Certification Program. This program has trained staff in the recognition and reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in patients. You may have noticed a few changes over recent months in our hospital. We have purchased synthetic pheromone diffusers which mimic the natural, happy pheromones of dogs and cats. These diffusers are located in various areas throughout the hospital and work to present a positive environment for our patients. We feed a lot of treats here! Dogs and cats are often food driven. Giving food and treats throughout procedures can effectively reduce fear, stress, and anxiety. Thundershirts are now used commonly in our daily practice. They are applied to patients experiencing stress in the clinic environment. Thundershirts are wrapped around the body focusing on certain pressure points to relieve anxiety. Along with our attempts to ease your pet’s stress, there are a number of ways that you can help as well.

  • Pets should come to appointments hungry, owners may bring a favorite treat to be given throughout exam/procedure.
  • Small pets should be placed in a hard sided carrier with a towel/blanket.
  • Carriers should be covered with a light towel/blanket to prevent visualization of other animals, unfamiliar people and surroundings.
  • Pheromone sprays may be used on towels/blankets inside and covering carriers.
  • When travelling to the veterinary hospital, play quiet, calming music, or leave the radio off. Keep the vehicle at a comfortable temperature.
  • When arriving in exam room, allow pets to come out of carriers on their own. If pets will not walk out of carrier, lid may be removed.
  • Owners may allow pets to remain in carrier throughout exam when possible.

For more information on creating a stress free experience for your pet contact the team at McLeod Veterinary Hospital.

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Have you ever wished you could access your pet’s medical history from the comfort of your home?...Now you can with ‘Petly’!

Petly will allow you to:

  • Access your pet’s health information
    • Indicates when your pet had their last vaccines
    • Indicates when your pet’s next vaccines are due
    • Provides a list of previous services and medical procedures
  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription food and medication refills
  • Stay informed
    • Access updated, informative articles by veterinary experts
    • Access updated information and events from McLeod’s Facebook feed
  • Personalize your pet’s page by uploading your favorite photo of them

It’s easy to join! Just call McLeod Veterinary Hospital and provide your email address. You will receive an email prompting you to set up your new Petly account.

See your pet on Petly

McLeod Veterinary Hospital now offers a loyalty rewards card!

These points quickly accumulate if you buy your pet’s food at our hospital!

Accumulate points on purchases of food, medications and all other services and products. These points quickly add up to cash off purchases on all services and products.

500 points=$15.00 off

1000 points=$30.00 off

Ask about our Vicinity reward card!

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We also offer gift certificates. Do you have friends or family that may appreciate a gift certificate from McLeod Veterinary Hospital? We can offer any monetary value you wish. Just call us or ask the next time you are in for a visit!